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Taksa Toys building block sets have won a whole lot of well-deserved design awards! 

These blocks or building pieces are unique – not only in the way they feel to touch, but unlike other blocks they have no joins or locks, and use only “balance” as the key to building success.

This encourages your child to work out different ways of building compared to just stacking or joining blocks together – it takes ingenuity and creativity to achieve!

Taksa Toys Awards
Taksa Toys Awards

Taksa is a Thai word meaning “Skills” – and these building blocks were designed and created by a Thai-based father and son who are both architects – their dream was to create a set of toy building blocks with the aim of enhancing physical, creative, congitive and social skills.

They saw too many kids “playing” on electronic devices and wanted to reinforce fundamental skills that only depend on the level of the child’s creative ability.

The blocks are made of a unique and interestingly tactile, high-quality material called TPE – which stands for “Thermoplastic Elastomer”.

Don’t let the word “plastic” in there mislead you though – notice that one of the awards Taksa Toys has won is the “Eco-Friendly Product of the Year 2018” from Creative Child Magazine?

We researched TPE ourselves – we are not scientists, but we can confirm that TPE  is a rubber-like material that can be soft and jelly-like, hard and rigid, transparent or coloured, AND is eco-friendly.  TPE is recyclable, 100% bio-degradable and non-toxic!

Taksa Reources
Taksa Resources

Taksa Resources – Nature Inspired Construction Play

Taksa Toys released their first set of building blocks called “Resources” in late 2015 and we love that they gave their company the motto “Playing is Never Nonsense” – how great is that?

The Resources set was developed to “bring out the pioneer in you”, and the sets consist of uniquely irregular geometric forms that are all inspired by natural resources used in real construction – brick, stone, sand, water, tree, wood and metal – plus some balls and little people that enhance the possibilities for play.

This cute video gives you a good idea of the organic nature of the pieces:

The Resources blocks have a simple, minimalist design in a beautiful, calming, colour palette, and use only gravity and balance to hold the pieces in position.

This inspires your child to think and create in new and different ways, and encourages problem-solving .  They will be experimenting with shape and balance, whilst also learning precise manual placement.

At the same time, your child will require concentration, focus and determination!

We tend to think adults will enjoy these amazing blocks too – try stacking a few stones or watching the movement of balls to bring your mind down to a calm focus with these peaceful blocks!

The Resources block sets come in 3 different sizes – The Fun Pack of 32 pieces, The Standard Pack of 72 pieces and the Expert Pack of 144 pieces.  There’s also a gift pack of 72 pieces that comes in a box and includes a canvas carry bag.

We don’t think the Fun Pack would really be enough pieces for most children, and you can see by the picture on the front of the tin the limitations of what you can build – it could be a cool set for the office though!

The Standard and Expert Packs on the other hand are a good size and your child will have the ability to make more than just one finished structure or design with these.

Recommended age for the Resources sets is 3-99 – just be sure to supervise with younger kids as there are small parts in these sets!

Resource Fun Pack - 32 Pieces
Resource Fun Pack - 32 Pieces
Resources Standard Pack - 72 Pieces
Resources Expert Pack - 144 Pieces

Arch-Kid-Tech – Ancient Techniques for the Future Creator

Ever dream of being a builder or an engineer or an architect some day?  This building set is all about that but traced back to the very fundamentals – build ancient monuments using ancient techniques! 

With the Arch-Kid-Tech range we are taken back to ancient times with architectural building sets that are packed with educational benefits.  Your child will not only learn about ancient history, but concepts of engineering and physics!

Arch-Kid-Tech - Ancient Building Techniques
Arch-Kid-Tech - Ancient Building Techniques

There are four sets in this amazing series of ancient structures:

The “stone” blocks have no joins, locks or magnets – they simply use physics to keep the pieces from tumbling down.

Roman Arch
Roman Arch

Each set comes with a fun fact sheet about each ancient civilization and the specific building method that applies, and a step-by-step visual instruction sheet – this requires concentration and critical thinking – a powerhouse of brain power!

Here’s a look at the instructions for building the Roman Arch:

Roman Arch Building Instructions
Roman Arch Building Instructions

What an amazing way to learn about ancient history and physics all at the same time – these concepts and skills will last forever.

The Arch-Kid-Tech blocks are made from the same high-quality TPE as the Resources sets.  We think these are fantastic – and not just for the kids.  A set in the office would be a fun challenge during a break in productivity! 

Taksa Toys recommend an age range of 7-99 on these architectural blocks, but if your child is in the lower age range they are going to require some adult help.

Roman Arch
Roman Arch
Egyptian Pyramid
Egyptian Pyramid
Greek Facade
Greek Facade
Greek Dome
Greek Dome

LocomoLittle Creatures that will take the Kids back to Nature

The Locomo toys from Taksa are an organic, simple concept that encourages your child to learn from nature – to go out and explore the elements outside and play!

Each piece is a minimalist animal design, made from Planwood – a material made with eco-friendly,  recycled rubberwood sawdust.

The animal pieces each have “missing parts”.  The aim of Locomo is that your child can complete the animal with natural elements like flowers, leaves and twigs.

Locomo - Outdoor Nature Play
Locomo - Outdoor Nature Play

Inspired by Steiner and Montessori learning concepts, Locomo offers your child an avenue to play without limits, and develops imaginative thinking through nature and all its beauty.

Playing outside and with nature encourages physical movement, hand-eye co-ordination, observational skill and imagination.  These toys look like lots of fun too!

The Locomo pieces are beautifully designed organic forms with a wood-like, tactile finish and touch.  There are 5 different animal shapes in a range of different colours, or they can be purchased in a set of 5 shapes per set.


The Taksa Toys range are a unique, amazing mix of building and educational pieces that we absolutely love for their simplicity and design concepts.  It’s fantastic that such a young company has created 3 completely different sets in such a short time!

Let us know what you think of  Taksa Toys in the comments – we’d love to know your thoughts.


  1. These toys are so cool. I want to play with them! I will be looking into getting a set for my nephew. Saving you to my gifts board on Pinterest! I love how the inventors took blocks to the next level.

    • Thanks for saving to Pinterest! I don’t think these amazing blocks are very well known, they are unique in their design and loads of fun to play with!

  2. Salute to the Creators of these little & cute toys…they look so much fun that they made me wish if I could be the little kid again so I can play with them all day without worrying about the day to day life.
    Do you provide worldwide Delivery…??

    Vikrant B.

    • I’m very impressed with Taksa Toys design too, no wonder they have so many awards – and they are fun for adults as well as kids. The delivery should be fine anywhere if you follow the product links!

  3. I’ve never seen toys like this. I’ve been struggling to find the right toys for my son, hopefully, something that could stimulate creativity. He’s bored with the usual building blocks. I’m going to show him the picture and hope that he likes it.

    • They are unusual aren’t they? These are sure to interest your son Kenny – they are a lot of fun for kids and adults to play with!

  4. These are lovely! I like the soft edge. They are safer and actually looks really cute.
    Will definitely check these out and recommend to all my friends who have kids.

    Thanks for sharing.

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