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All children love to build! It’s not just incredibly good fun to build things, it also sparks your child’s creativity, natural focus, and develops dexterity and motor skills.

It’s also a satisfying task to build something tangible – growing your child’s self esteem and confidence!

It’s great to see the enthusiasm that construction equipment toys bring to kids – we’ve seen ours play for hours building (and knocking down!). Building is a challenge and children learn what works by doing things for themselves and letting their imagination run free.

There’s an endless array of toys for construction – and the great thing for parents is they can be used inside the house or outside in the garden where kids can make use of all that is around them – sticks, rocks and dirt!

Construction and building toys last for years and grow with your child – all that changes is the size and complexity of the building!


There’s a type of truck suitable for kids of any age. Trucks are a pretty standard toy for all kids, boys and girls alike. Our girls love to play with dump trucks, transporting stones and dirt and anything else one place to another – they create building sites in the garden, and inside they use kinetic sand to press into blocks and build with those!

For little children, you can’t go past a wooden pull-along truck, and for older children the choices are amazing! Excavators dig up sand in the sandpit, mixer trucks turn the sand into “concrete” and cranes lift everything up and move it from place to place. We also have a wrecking ball that knocks everything down!

Don’t forget that every construction site needs support vehicles as well. These could be car transporters, trains, helicopters, fire trucks and ambulances.

We recommend super high-quality is the aim for construction equipment toys – wood for little hands and wood or only the best made toys for older children – these are going to need to be tough!

Pintoy Construction Dumpster
Pintoy Construction Dumpster


Kids don’t need to leave home to become a farmer! Farm equipment toys, toy farm buildings and toy farm animals are a favourite for everyone – it’s so much fun to see your child bring their farm to life.

Farm equipment has a big job to do! We need tractors, soil cultivators, front loaders, trailers, horse floats, forklifts….the work on the farm is never-ending, as all real farmers know!

Along with the essential farm equipment, build a complete farm with animals, barns and fences. Your child can build their farm inside or outside and enjoy endless hours of imaginative play.

Brushwood Toy Farm
Brushwood Toy Farm


There are some building toys that last the test of time. How about Lincoln Logs? We had these when we were children, we loved them then and we still love them now too. We built houses, forts and whole villages with Lincoln Logs. They’ve been around since 1916 and they are made from sustainable timbers – they’ve even been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame!

Classic Lincoln Logs
Classic Lincoln Logs

Another classic we love are wooden building blocks. These are hardwood blocks with different shapes to build loads of different structures. They usually have soft or rounded edges to protect small hands and kids just love them – your child will find endless projects to build and develop spatial and manual dexterity whilst having loads of fun!

Cubbie Lee Wooden Blocks
Cubbie Lee Wooden Blocks

There are so many types of toys for construction – what types do you have in your home? Leave us a comment, we’d love to know!


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