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Cuddle and Kind Knitted Dolls
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If you haven’t heard of Cuddle and Kind, we’re super excited to introduce you to these gorgeous, hand-knitted toys.

The company logo is actually Cuddle + Kind and there is a wonderful reason behind this.


Cuddle + Kind toys are all made by hand. They are hand-knitted in fact – by over 750 women artisans in Peru.

Many of the artisans are rural working mothers – who via being employed by Cuddle + Kind,  have access to flexible hours and are paid fairly for their work.

The toys are safe, soft, and super cuddly.

They are made with the finest, natural, 100% cotton yarns,  finished with hypoallergenic felt details,  and stuffed to the ideal cuddle weight with hypoallergenic polyester filling.

And for every doll sold,  Cuddle + Kind give 10 meals to children in need.

Since 2015, they have provided over 8.3 million meals in over 60 countries, including via breakfasts, food banks and FoodPaks in the USA and Canada.

Ethically Produced and Made with Natural Cotton Yarns
Ethically Produced and made with Natural Cotton Yarns

Cuddle + Kind really live up to their name – and they won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award in 2016!

They tick all of our boxes by providing sustainable, equitable, fair trade employment, by giving needy children the nutrition they need to thrive, and by producing beautiful, handcrafted toys made from the best of natural materials.

Jen & Derek Woodgate and their 3 children started Cuddle + Kind in 2015 via a crowdfunding campaign that went instantly viral – you can read the full story of this inspiring business here:

Cuddle + Kind Giving Book 2018

We like the values that this company brings to their business, and the toys they make are truly exceptional!

Chloe the Bunny
Chloe the Bunny


Every doll is hand-knitted, hand-loomed, embroidered and crocheted by artisans using knitting expertise that has been handed down for generations – the Peruvians are master knitters! 

Spinning, weaving, knits and crochet are a deep-rooted tradition in Peru and these arts are practiced by both men and women.

Each doll is beautifully crafted with a high level of quality and care, and the designs are unique – we think these gorgeous dolls can easily fall into the category of being handed down from one baby to the next!

Oliver the Bear

29 Different Designs!

Cuddle + Kind started their journey with 9 designs of their large 20 inch (50.8 cm) dolls.

These include Isla the Mermaid – who has the motto “Throw kindness around like confetti” and Benedict the Bunny who’s favourite quote is  “The meaning of life is to give life meaning”

Each of the dolls has their own original birth date, their own special “story” – and now they come in both 20 inch (50.8cm) and smaller 13 inch (33cm) sizes – and there are 29 unique designs!

Isla the Mermaid and Friends
Isla the Mermaid and Friends
Benedict Big and Small
Benedict Big and Small

The craftsmanship and detail that goes into making each and every Cuddle + Kind doll is outstanding!

We are astonished that this level of quality is consistently produced in an affordable product – just look at the detail in Charlotte the Dog below.

Charlotte’s motto is  “With grace in her heart + flowers in her hair” – isn’t she beautiful?

Charlotte the Dog
Charlotte the Dog

We are just positive your child is going to love these dolls as much as we do, AND that they will stay in your family forever as treasured friends.

With 29 fantastic, unique designs to choose from – it’s a difficult choice!

We just wanted to highlight a couple more of our favourites in the photos below, but you can see the entire range of dolls here:

Cuddle + Kind Knitted Dolls Range

Hudson the Polar Bear - “You can move mountains.”
Wyatt the Fox - “Say yes to new adventures.”
Lucy the Lamb
Lucy the Lamb - “Sweet dreams, little lamb.”

If you are looking for a top-quality, beautifully designed and handcrafted doll for that special child in your life – I hope we’ve convinced you Cuddle + Kind would be a great choice.

We’d love to know your thoughts on these amazing toys – please leave us a comment below!

The Cuddle + Kind Original 9


  1. Omg!!! How incredibly cute! I want one of these for my son, daughter and myself!… I love the fact that these lovable toys are handmade. That is very special . I always have admired anyone who is gifted and can create amazing work like this. On top of all of that, proceed go to feed children too. Absolutely wonderful!.. I will
    be sharing this with my sister as well.Great job on this post and I will be checking back to read more article like this!

  2. Hi, As someone who has had experience in making toys, I am in awe of the ladies who make these beautiful toys. So much work goes into them to make them the works of art they are.
    Am sure there will be many happy little children spending hours of joy, playing with these.
    What a great project.

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