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The dilemma of buying gifts for children!  Something mass-produced and on trend?  Or something unique, that stands out in a crowd – something kept forever that will invoke long-lasting memories of childhood dreams?

Handcrafted toys are incredibly special, simply because of the skill of the maker, the personal stories they bring and the endless joy of imagination they can inspire.

Songbirds by Kay BojesenA Gift to Treasure Forever

How many of us still have a favourite toy from our childhood? We’ve kept one or two perhaps, because the memories they bring to us of our childhood are nostalgic, happy ones we want to keep! The ruffled teddy bear, or the rag doll we carried around with us all the time, perhaps a wooden train or a rocking horse. Handcrafted toys like these are handed down through generations due to the quality of craftsmanship and materials, and the wish for another child to enjoy them as we did. Each one has an individual, special feeling to each owner – that’s the wonder of imagination!

Quality Made with Love

Toys made from natural, durable materials feel great to touch, they look beautiful, and they wear over time with an authentic character all to themselves. You will know that the maker has put their heart into ensuring each piece is as perfect as their hands can create with the image they have in their mind – yet your child will develop their own unique connection with their toys – their own stories and personal identity. These are the connections and memories made with love.

5 Teddy Bears

Learning through Imagination

Children need unstructured time to allow their minds to wander, to be free to come up with their own games and to see the world from their own perspectives. Beautiful, natural, handcrafted toys will enhance your child’s imaginings and nurture creativity and ideas. A creative mind leads to curiosity, independence and problem-solving skills!

Creating a Rich Landscape of Play & Discovery

Through play, children explore ideas, feelings, and relationships with others. Magic can happen! The right toys encourage children’s creativity through engagement, exploring, and imagination. These relationships and experiences that a child shares with their toys helps them understand the details and qualities of different visual and tactile objects, whilst allowing their mind to play out life situations both real and imagined.

We believe that toys should be visually beautiful, inviting to touch, with timeless design to treasure forever!

Share your stories of special toys in our comments – we’d love to hear them.


  1. I love handcrafted toys too and I’m amazed by the skill that goes into making them, especially all the hand-stiching and intricate work. Anything made by hand really is a special gift. My grandmother always made clothes for our dolls and they were amazing!

    • I love that your grandmother made those clothes for your dolls – that would have been hard work! What a lovely thing for her to do, thanks for your comment!

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