Wooden Toy Box – Kinderfeets Toy Box and Walker

Wooden Toy Box
Kinderfeets Wooden Toy Box
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We were out shopping for our granddaughter’s 4th birthday, and we found this fabulous toy box – it’s on our list of things we love now and we think you’ll love it too!

The Kinderfeets wooden toy box is a 2-in-1 box – it acts not only as a storage box for toys, but also as a walker for toddlers that is completely safe and eco-friendly.

Kinderfeets make a small collection of beautiful wooden bikes, and the famous Kinderboard wobble board.

They are designed by a California-based Dutch designer, and began when he made a 2 wheeled balance bike for his toddler son.

Made from Eco-friendly Materials

The wood used to build the Kinderfeets range is sustainable birch or bamboo, the airless tyres are completely biodegradebale, the chalkbaord finish paint is is water-based, and the lacquer is non-toxic.  Kinderfeets also use minimal packaging material made from recycled paper, and water-based ink

Beautifully made and looks great!

Wooden Toy Box – 2-in-1 Toy Box and Walker

This beautifully made wooden toy box on wheels is a fantastic way to encourage children to clean up easily and store their toys, and its sleek design looks absolutely great in a playroom or anywhere else in your house so it’s a winner for your decor!

Made from birch with bamboo finishes, the toy box can easily fit toys up to 14 inches or 35cm in length.

This is a decent sized box for storage too at 20 x 14 x 13 inches or 52 cm x 35.5 cm x 33 cm and it can hold up to or 66lb or 30kgs in toys or whatever you need to transport!

Rubber trim on the wheels protect your floors!

It is perfect for your child to store and transport their favourite toys from one room to another, and the large wooden wheels make it really easy to move around, even for a toddler.

The wheels are covered with an EVA rubber trim to protect your walls, floors and furniture from any bumps or scratches.

What makes this portable toy box even better is that it is made with gently sloping end panels and handles that let your child use it as a walker, and also has a sturdy rope at one for pulling!

It holds a lot!

We love that this beautiful toy box makes cleaning up the chaos and putting away super-easy for everyone.

Another plus is that it gives your child a “job” to do that is actually fun – because once playtime is over and the toys are put away in the box, they get to wheel it away back to its home.

It also encourages and develops confidence in standing, walking, pushing and pulling!

Kids love to transport their toys around with them

This gorgeous wooden toy box is a great portable option for toy storage – plus we think it looks gorgeous and would be a beautiful object in your child’s playroom or bedroom – it’s on our wish list!

Do you have a toy box at home? We’d love to know what you think of the Kinderfeets Wooden Toy Box in the comments!


  1. Love the layout of your site, i love this wooden toy box not only can it be used for toys for kids but they can also play with it and when they outgrow it use it for storage or even put books inside . Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hi, what a great idea! What I like about the Kinderfeets wooden toy box is it’s simplistic design and natural wood look. If I had kids I’d definitely want this in my home for not only the added decoration to my home but it’s functionality. I love that it helps establish good motor skill for toddlers learning how to walk. Thanks for recommending it. What a neat find! ??

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