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Senger Hedgehog
Senger Hedgehog
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We love finding beautifully made toys, and especially so when they are made using natural, eco-friendly materials.

Senger Tierpuppen (or Senger Aninmal Toys) make a series of fantastic, cute stuffed animals that are handmade in Germany with meticulous details and love!

They are made from sustainably produced, all natural and organic materials – cotton, mohair, lamb’s wool and linen.

Handmade in Germany with Love!

Senger was founded over 30 years ago in 1985, by Volker and Sabine Senger.

They have a love of handicraft and super-high standards of workmanship – plus they embed their deep principles for the environment and sustainability into their gorgeous handmade creations!

Volker and Sabine Senger

“The constant quality of our products and their wonderful “timelessness“ build friendships and connections which last a lifetime.

We are also happy to say, that our products put a smile to many adult’s faces and give them back a bit of their own childhood.”

Sabine & Volker Senger

All Natural, Organic Materials

We are so excited these cuddly animals are made from 100% Organic Handpicked Cotton, they are filled with pure lamb’s wool, and all features are embroidered so there isn’t anything that can be pulled off!

Senger believe that the first toy in your child’s life is special and is not replaceable – these are toys that are meant to last for a lifetime.

The NaturWelt range of floppy stuffed toys translates to “Natural World” – and we think these gorgeous, handmade, organic toys are a perfect choice!

Senger Dog
Senger Dog

Cuddly Dog

The adorable and cuddly Dog by Senger is looking for a best friend. He is sure to delight your child and become a loyal companion for a lifetime.

Dog stands at 12 inches or 30cm tall and is made from organic soft plush and filled with lamb’s wool which makes him extra-cuddly.

All of Dog’s features are embroidered for the safety of children of all ages.

Cuddly Dog is a very happy companion to take anywhere and will make a great friend!

Senger Floppy Bunny
Senger Floppy Bunny

Large Floppy Bunny

The Bunny by Senger is a floppy, loveable character with the cutest big ears!

He is made with organic cotton plush and filled with lamb’s wool that makes him very soft and warm to cuddle, and all his features are embroidered so there’s nothing to pull off!

Floppy Bunny is 12 inches or 30cm from head to toe and 16inches or 40cm including his big ears – and he also comes in a snowy white version!

Senger Soft Pig
Senger Soft Pig

Soft Pig

The cute Senger Pig is a delightful, cuddly toy that is sure to please your child with its floppy ears and soft snout.

Pig is made from organic cotton and filled with lamb’s wool making a perfect sleeping or traveling companion.

The adorable Senger Pig is 12 inches or 30cm tall from head to toe, and all features have been embroidered for safety. 

Senger Brown Horse
Senger Brown Horse


The Horse by Senger is made of organically grown cotton, wool and mohair, and he is stuffed with pure lambswool.

He is a larger toy at 16 inches or 40cm from head to toe, and has been made with love!

He has fully stitched eyes and nose that make him safe for all children, even a baby.

The Senger Horse is super soft and looks like he’s ready for actions – and also comes in a lighter beige colour.

Senger Beige Bear
Senger Beige Bear

Large Bear

This cuddly Bear by Senger is sure to delight your child and become a loyal companion beyond childhood.  He is perfect to take anywhere with you and share all your adventures.

He is very soft, made of organic cotton plush and filled with lamb’s wool, and his eyes, nose and mouth are all embroidered so he’s safe from birth!

The Senger Bear is a larger toy at 16 inches or 40cm tall, and also comes in a dark brown colour.

Senger Beaver
Senger Beaver


Made with outstanding attention to detail, the super soft and super cute  Beaver by Senger is waiting to become your child’s best friend!

Beaver is a trusted companion sized just right for children at 12 inches or 30cm tall. He looks like he is ready for mischief!

The Senger Beaver  is made from organic cotton, and is filled with lambswool so is very soft and cuddly.

Take Beaver wherever you go!

Senger Donkey
Senger Donkey


We love donkeys and this adorable organic cotton Donkey by Senger is one of our favourites!

Donkey is safe and soft, covered in organic cotton plush and filled with pure lambswool.

All of Donkey’s features are embroidered, so safe for children of all ages.

The Senger Donkey is 12 inches or 30cm tall and will make a very sweet and trusting little grey friend to take along on any adventure!

Senger Hedgehog
Senger Hedgehog


We don’t see many Hedgehog’s looking for new friends, but the Hedgehog from Senger looks very friendly and fun!

Hedgehog is a very cute companion made from organic cotton and stuffed with pure lamb’s wool, so super soft and cuddly.

At 12 inches or 30cm tall, Hedgehog is the perfect size for children, and his happy face is all embroidered so there’s nothing to pull off!

Hedgehog will make a fun and very friendly friend for adventures and for cuddles.

Senger - 100% Organic

Senger have won a number of awards for their Naturewelt range of toys:

  • FORM from crafts and industry, German Crafts Council and Frankfurt Fair;
  • 1st Prize, Environmental Prize, “Fair To Nature”; Frankfurt Fair.
  • SWELL Future Friendly Design Award, Runners-up Prize – Vancouver, Canada.
  • Hessian State Prize for German Arts and Crafts.

Well deserved!  And – aside from being made with love and natural materials, they are also machine washable on the wool cycle – so if they do end up in the mud, then they’re super easy to clean. What more could we want?

We think these gorgeous, natural toys would make a fantastic gift and we’re giving them our tick of approval for being handmade, sustainable, safe, and organic.

We’d love to know your thoughts on these toys – please leave us a comment!



  1. Is it weird to want one of these for myself? The bear is my favorite. But hey these sound like some wonderful products. But I shouldn’t be surprised, they are made from fine class German craft.

  2. They look like very nice German craftsmanship. It seems that Senger is taking the classic route with children’s stuffed animals. Quote me if I’m wrong, but these look like ones you’d find in the early 1900’s.. It’s great they used organic materials and are focused on the environment and sustainability. We need more companies like Senger!

  3. I have been looking for this kind of stuffed toy – all organic. I am glad I found your post! Thank you for sharing!
    I am also glad you gave us several kinds of Senger animal stuffed toys. I really like the pig one (pink). It is going to be a gift for my 4-year-old niece.
    All the best!

  4. I always liked Senger, I used to have a lot of Senger’s stuffed animals as a kid. Now I can buy them for my little cousins.

    One of them has a birthday coming up, thanks for the cool recommendations, I Just ordered the Hedgehog, since my cousin loves Sonic.


  5. I just love these stuffed animals. They are so adorable. My sister is pregnant with her first baby and she really loves the Peppa Pig cartoon, is that weird for an adult?? Well any way, i’m thing that the piggy will be just perfect for her daughters nursery. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ll be getting one of those and showing this post to some of my other friends who have little kids.

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    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for information about stuffed animals and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for everyone who is interested in this topic.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to reading your new posts.)


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