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Kicking is Development

In the first few months, your new baby will play by kicking their legs, usually whilst lying on their backs. This is a very important part of your baby’s development.

Kicking promotes motor, cognizant and sensory development by strengthening the body and leg muscles, sensing the shifting of weight, and is the precursor to rolling from back to belly.

It also promotes the understanding of cause and effect! Give your baby some colourful and interesting kick play toys to get them kicking!

Kick and Play Baby Mats

Once your baby is old enough to lie on the floor, a kick and play baby mat is a perfect item to keep your baby happy and laughing! These mats come in a whole range of colourful, innovative designs and allow your baby play time on the tummy, on the back – and eventually, sitting up.

Some of these mats are called “baby gyms” since they have sensory objects for feet fun, and  hanging objects that your baby will grasp and bat with their hands. And some are even equipped with kickable musical keyboards – kick and play sounds or songs!

Play and Kick Car Toys

If your baby is in a rear-facing capsule in the car, life must be pretty dull!  Thankfully there are play and kick car toys to keep your baby occupied whilst your eyes are on the road.

These toys attach to the head rests and allow your baby to enjoy some sensory feet fun, as well as being engaged by colourful hanging toys for grasping, and usually a baby-safe mirror too!

Baby Kick Play Ideas at Home

It’s easy to create some simple and fun baby kick play activity without a brand new toy at home too!

Hang a sheet of tissue paper down like a curtain within range of your baby’s kicks and watch them get going when they start to feel the paper on their feet and hear that rustling sound!

Let us know of your baby kick play activities – we’d love to hear from you.


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