The Most Beautiful Toys in the World


At Old Willow Lane, we find special toys for special children! We love top-quality and handcrafted toys and we’ve done all the hard work for you by finding what we think are the most beautiful toys and gifts for children in the world!

If you’re looking for a really special gift, something unique, or a toy that stands out in a crowd, then Old Willow Lane is sure to be able to help.

We are mothers and grandmothers – and we know what works and what kids love.  We also know that we always want to give our children and grandchildren toys to play with that are beautifully made and durable, and encourage both learning and imagination.

We’ve done all the searching already, so you don’t have to!


We have gorgeous wooden toys that we know you will love.

From timeless and sleek Scandinavian design, to amazing handcrafted masterpieces from artisans around the world, we know you will find something truly unique.

We have wooden toys to suit babies, toddlers, older children and adults too – our wooden masterpieces look just as good on the shelf as they do on the floor!


Who can resist a classic teddy bear?  Old Willow Lane has found beautiful traditional bears that your child will adore – these bears stay in families for generations and only get better with time and love.

We also have some truly unique, one-off creations that are waiting for a forever-friend and forever home.  You’ll be surprised how beautiful these teddys are!

And not just teddy beards either!  You will find enchanting,  beautifully-made plush toys from around the world, made with love and super cute too.


Dolls.  Always a little girl’s best friend!

Be surprised by the unique, captivating personalities of the dolls at Old Willow Lane.

Here you will find one-off dolls, exceptional hand-made quality dolls, and dolls that are sure to delight your little girl for years to come.

We love how a special doll can give a little girl a friend forever, to share every moment of fun and adventure!

Pintoy Construction Dumpster


All children love to build! It’s not just incredibly good fun to build things, it also sparks your child’s creativity, natural focus, and develops dexterity and motor skills.

From a building site to building a farm it’s also a satisfying task to build something tangible – growing your child’s self esteem and confidence!



Toys for learning are not only about fun, but they inspire kids to discover how things work, explore the world around them, and they put the foundations into place for the answers to all those endless questions about how the world works.

Educational toys also provide exposure to a wide range of knowledge, whether it be literacy and numeracy, spatial, scientific or nature related!

Magnetic Blocks


The nursery is where your child spends a whole lot of time!  Not only will your child sleep there, but also likely spend many hours of playful activities and games.

We love natural materials and all our nursery items are chosen for their quality, durability, beautiful design and safety!