5 Reasons Why We Love Wooden Toys

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We love wooden toys!

Here’s just FIVE reasons why we do – and why your child will experience hours of enjoyment from high-quality wooden toys.

1. Wood is natural

Because wood is a natural material, each piece will have a unique character due to the different markings, grains and structure of the wood. Not only is wood beautiful to look at, but it feels great too. It is smooth and tactile, and also has a clean, fresh smell.

2.  Wood is durable

Wood is a naturally durable material and does not easily break, so your wooden toys last a long time! Many wooden toys are even handed down the generations. Because wood is so tough, there is little risk of broken pieces or sharp edges – these toys can take a lot of handling!

3.  Wood is safe and non-toxic

High-quality wooden toys are made from untreated timber and do not contain toxic adhesives or paints. You can be sure that any well made wooden toy that ends up in your child’s mouth is not contaminated by any chemicals that could be harmful to your child. For this reason, wood is ideal for teething rings, rattles and grasping toys for babies.

4.  Wood adds a great aesthetic to your home

Wooden toys look great in your home, either on the shelf or on the floor! There is timeless appeal to objects made from wood, and each item has its own expression.

Wooden Automobiles - Kay Bojesen

5.  Wooden toys are great for imagination and learning

Cars, trucks, trains, animals – your child will play endlessly and use their imagination with quality wooden toys – and wooden blocks and puzzles allow your child to be creative and use the pieces in any way they want!

Why do we love wooden toys?

Wood is natural, lasts a long time, is safe and non-toxic, looks and feels great, and offers hours of play time!

Do you have any other reasons you love wooden toys? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear your reasons too.


  1. When my first child was born we received so many plastic toys as gifts that year. As a new mom, I began to realize how quickly the plastic toys didn’t hold up against their wooden counterparts. I feel so guilty over the waste that became of all that plastic. We slowly began building our collection of high-quality wooden toys and over the last decade have accumulated a beautiful assortment that both my son and daughters love to play with. What I appreciate most about our wooden toys is the ability for open ended play, which allows the child to grow with the toy. So many plastic toys on the market are built cheaply and have a one feature function. With the large movement towards minimalism now, I think we are going to see more and more parents gravitating to sustainable and long-lasting wood toys. I’m glad to see a post like this one, thanks for sharing!

    • I so agree Lauren – Not only does plastic not hold up on durability, when plastic toys break they can create small, sharp pieces that can be very harmful to little hands. The plastic and dyes can also be toxic if not good quality and the plastic can end up in the ocean! Wood, if discarded, will simply blend right back into our natural environment. I love that wooden toys age beautifully too – they develop a character all of their own through handling and play. Thanks for your comment!

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