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Guidecraft Window Blocks
Guidecraft Window Blocks
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When we first saw a set of coloured window blocks set up in a friend’s home, we knew we had to have them for our children too!

It was in the afternoon, and the blocks had been placed on the window sill.  The light from the sun was casting gorgeous coloured shadows across the floor – just like a rainbow.  It was peaceful and dreamy.

If this sounds like a magical scene to you, you’d be right – It was pure beauty to behold, like the beauty of stained glass windows but in window blocks for kids.  They look amazing and you can build out a complete array with mirror blocks and blocks that hold objects to admire.

These will really transfix your child’s imagination – and they look beautiful in your home too.

Coloured Window Blocks
Coloured Window Blocks

Window Blocks for Open-Ended Play

Window blocks are a real open-ended material for kids to play with.  By this we mean there are no rules to follow, no expectations, no specific problems to solve, and no pressure to produce a finished product.

Your child can be completely free to create whatever their boundless imagination desires, and with these gorgeous blocks that can mean just stacking them into a design, or adding them to other structures as windows, or positioning them to catch the light.  

They can be used alone or combined with other blocks, or any other materials. This encourages your child to think symbolically and abstractly, and builds creativity and intellect.

Window blocks are not just beautiful to look at either – they come in a variety of geometric shapes, so they teach your child about colour, shapes and angles, plus balance, size and perspective.

Wooden Rainbow Blocks

We love wooden, coloured window blocks, and we just love watching our girls use them creatively, quietly, watching the shadows of the colours – or integrating them into other areas of play.  We’ve seen them placed in the fairy garden and also used as windows in houses made from other blocks.

A great start to a collection, and the ones that we first bought ourselves, is the Guidecraft USA Rainbow Blocks Building Kit.

There are 30 blocks of different shapes and sizes in the kit, which is enough to build something really satisfying.

The blocks are made of smooth hardwood with soft, rounded edges and coloured plexi interiors. Your kids will love these!

Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks
Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks 30pc Building Kit

The Rainbow blocks in this kit fit perfectly with the standard Guidecraft Unit Blocks so they can be easily combined when played with together.

Window Mirror Blocks

Kids love mirrors and all the ways they can play with them – they love to look at their own reflection, and window blocks with mirrors look incredible when combined with other window blocks – simply because they reflect everything!

Mirrors encourage visual perception and introduce self-awareness, symmetry, and changes in dimensions.

The Guidecraft Set of 10 Mirror Blocks features rubberwood block frames with soft, rounded corners and child-safe Mylar mirrored double faced interiors.

Guidecraft Mirror Blocks
Guidecraft Mirror Blocks 10pc Set

The Mirror Blocks are also sized to fit with the Guidecraft standard unit block measurements, AND these Mirror Blocks were the Winner of the 2010 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award!

Treasure Window Blocks

Treasure window blocks are really special.   These are designed so you can remove one end and fill them up with any kind of object that fits – that could be buttons, leaves and flowers from the garden, or anything that your child can fit in there.

The simple task of enclosing a single object, or lots of the same thing, inspires your child’s curiosity.

Your child will love keeping things inside that they can count, make complex patterns or sort  – and they are great for nature studies too, encouraging science and exploration!

Be aware though, that filling the blocks requires removing two small screws so it may require adult supervision to refill.

To keep it all fitting together Guidecraft’s Treasure Blocks fit perfectly with all the other Guidecraft blocks. 

Your window block collection can be perfectly aligned and complete!

Guidecraft Treasure Blocks
Guidecraft Treasure Blocks 8pc in Set

Window Blocks for Learning

It could be building with Rainbow Blocks and serenely playing with light, colour and shadows, or playing with mirrors and their many dimensions, or filling window blocks with objects to admire and discover – these awesome blocks will engage your child and bring concepts of shape, colour, size, balance, and natural inquiry.

We love having our collection of window blocks just stacked around and ready for play, and they are admired by all the kids that visit us, and the adults too.

Do you have window blocks for kids in your home?  We’d love to know your ideas in the comments below.


  1. Wow! These are so cool. I’ve never come across window blocks before. The stained glass window blocks are beautiful. I can see how children and adults too would have a great time building a structure and watching the light dazzle through them from the window sill.

    What a great way for kids to use their creativity and imagination and still learn some math along the way. I really like that the window blocks support open ended play. Kids spend way too much time on technology and not enough time just having fun without something bombarding them on a screen.

    Nice to see the company, Guidecraft has an assortment of sensory wooden toys – rainbow, mirror and treasure blocks! They all look like so much fun. I am having trouble deciding which one to buy.

    I like your idea of starting with the Guidecraft US Rainbow Blocks Building Kit and think that would be the set I would purchase first. 30 blocks sounds like a good number to begin with and should allow for lots of different structures. Watching the light shine through the structure they build would be pretty exciting.

    Thanks for sharing these cool window blocks that encourage kids to think symbolically and abstractly.

    • Thanks Eliza – they really do look beautiful on the window sill or anywhere that light shines through them! My granddaughters love to keep things in the Treausure blocks too and they have made some pretty cool displays – it’s lovely just to watch them placing the blocks together and admiring the look!

  2. These blocks are really cool and I actually want some for myself! How have I never come across these before, and are they available in the UK?
    They are just so unique and I love all three designs. I think I could make something beautiful for my own windows with the coloured ones.
    Building with blocks is so good for kiddies young brains as it fine tunes their motor skills. I watch my nephew who is 4 with his lego and I’m blown away with what he can create even at his young age, he is a natural and I know he would love these too.

    • Hi Stefanie – yes the blocks are available in the UK, the links to the products should direct you to the UK site. They are a beautiful addition to children’s play – it’s actually very peaceful!

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