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Hape Country Critters Activity Cube
Hape Country Critters Activity Cube
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Hape have been a leader in designing and manufacturing high-quality baby and children’s toys in their factory in Germany since 1986.

We love this amazing 5-sided Wooden Activity Cube from Hape, designed with a critters theme and packed full of hands-on activities.

All the beautifully made toys from Hape are eco-friendly, made from sustainable, natural materials and water based paints, making them safe for children of all ages.

The wood used is Baltic Birch, Maple or Rubberwood, and any plastic parts are created to be durable enough to last for generations – to encourage toys to be passed down rather than thrown away.

Hape’s toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities through fun learning activities!

Country Critters Activity Cube

Activity centres or activity cubes are designed to stimulate, engage and challenge your child by figuring out how everything works! 

They are also a great play item for parents as they don’t take up too much space and you will find that your child plays with their cube over and over – improving skills like reasoning, problem solving, logic and critical thinking.

The Hape Country Critters Activity Cube has 5 sides of exciting, colourful activity that will entertain and help your child engage with the world around them.

Each of the 5 sides present unique play adventures – here’s  a short video demonstrating the activity cube in action:

This activity cube is a hub of learning activity and a playground for the mind, fingers, eyes and ears!

The cube is suitable for children aged 12 months+, AND it also provides the opportunity for more than one child to play at the same time.

Country Critters Top - 3 Mazes
Country Critters Top - 3 Mazes

On the Top – 3 Mazes with wooden figures

On the top are three super colourful plastic coated wire mazes with little wooden fish of different colours.

Push the beads around the wires, over a wooden frog in the centre, into his mouth, and through the tree.

This is a great activity to get fine motor and finger skills going in the right direction.

Ball Roller Coaster
Ball Roller Coaster

Ball Roller Coaster!
In this activity your child lines ups three critter balls in the cutout circles on top.

Using the included hammer, give them a pound to get through the holes and the balls start spinning down the side track.

Kids love to do this  over and over!

This activity is pure fun – and also teaches cause and effect, and provides awesome visual stimulation.

Country Critters Colours and Shapes
Country Critters Colours and Shapes

Shape sorter

With a blue square, pink triangle, red heart, green cross, and yellow pentagon shape, these critters help to teach colours and shape matching. 

Put the critters into the correct shapes and pull the red handle to release them – just matching them up and hearing them plonk as they fall inside is really satisfying and engaging!

Colour Matching Maze
Colour Matching Maze

Colour Matching Maze

Six colourful critters are navigated around the wooden maze and placed in their home colour position, or stack them up in the order shown on the side.

Not only does this help your child with colour and visual recognition, it introduces the concept of categorizations and also is fine motor-skill challenge!

Rotating Maze
Rotating Maze

Rotating Maze

The Rotating Maze is shaped like a honeycomb and the coloured bees spin round and round with a turn of the handle. They are buzzing with every turn!

As your child’s motor skills improve, the wooden bees can be landed on little coloured honeycomb shelves.

Kids love to turn things and find the rotating maze visually stimulating and exciting!.

Country Critters Activity Cube

Country Critters Activity Cube

  • Five-sided wooden play station
  • Develops motor skills, visual recognition, coordination
  • Learn cause and effect, colours, shapes
  • Features wire maze, shape sorter, wooden maze, ball roller coaster, rotating maze
  • Includes wooden mallet, 3 balls, 5 shapes
  • Fantastic graphics, colours and design
  • Measures: 19.57 x 13.78 x 13.78 inches / 50 x 34 x 34cn
  • Weight: 20.7lbs / 9.4kgs
  • Child safe: rounded wooden parts, non-toxic, water based dyes
  • Durable design, quality made in Germany

Hape produce creative, eco-friendly, high quality toys with an ethos around sustainability, education, innovation and fun – and we will always recommend them for their fantastic quality and durability!

We think the Country Critters Activity Cube will give your child a couple of years of engaging play and we love that more than one child can play at a time.

We’d love to know what you think about activity cubes for kids – please leave a comment for us below!


    • HI Michael – recommended age is from 12 months and I think kids of all ages enjoy playing with these! An older child would be able to master the puzzles quite quickly but would have a lot of fun with those achievements.

  1. I used to love these wooden activity cubes as a kid! I’d see these usually in doctors offices, fond memories of ’em. I’ve been an uncle for quite a while now to a lot of nephews and a few nieces. One of their birthdays is coming up, I’ll definitely look into one of these as a gift. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    oh my god – what a beautiful and useful toy! I’m always looking for something wooden – but it’s really hard to find nowadays. So many gadgets you can by regarding electronics but so little in woods.
    I’d love my grandchildren playing with such toy – just like we did. Because not only we trained our skills – we also were communicating while playing. That’s a big difference to today.
    I will share this article – I know there are many people out there looking for such toy!

    Thanks again and best regards,

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