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Big Forest Set
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We love wooden toys and what better way to learn about the animals of the world than by playing with beautifully made, hand-painted toys that will last forever and remain treasured.

I had several sets of wooden animals as a child and I played endlessly with them, creating farms and zoos and making up stories around my animals.

Wooden animal toys encourage open-ended play and allow your child’s imagination to freely roam.

It’s wonderful for children to play with beautiful objects and wooden toys not only look good, they feel great to touch and have an organic, peaceful quality to them.

Wooden Caterpillar Playsets

I was so excited to find the Wooden Caterpillar store on Etsy!

Alfira and Eugene are a young couple from Russia, and they have been making and selling handmade, unique wooden toys since 2015 – they have had more than 6,700 happy customers in 76 countries so far!

Wooden animal play sets are one of their best-selling items and are 100% handmade, carved from sustainable oak and ash wood, and finished with organic linseed oil and non-toxic paints.

Each piece has rounded edges for safety in small hands, and is sanded multiple time to ensure smoothness of the wood.

The animal pieces have a fantastic level of detail and the paint is translucent enough for the grain of the wood to show through – as each piece is made individually, so every set will be unique!

Hand Carved and Hand Painted Hippo
Hand Carved and Hand Painted Hippo

The playsets are Waldorf inspired, with the aim of combining education with nature – studies show that this improves everything from health and well-being to creativity, problem solving and literacy skills.

There are 7 distinct animal themes in the playsets – Forest, Farm, African Safari, Arctic, Sea, Dinosaur, and Birds.

The animals can be bought in sets or individually and there are also wooden puzzles within the sets – like putting the tree pieces together or joining the pieces of an exploding volcano!

Forest Animals Set
Forest Animals Set

Forest Animals Set

This big set of Forest Animals includes 9 animals and 5 different trees that include puzzles:

We have Bear, Hare, Moose, Reindeer, Wolf, Fox, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Raccoon PLUS Tree with puzzle woodpecker, Birch tree with puzzle mushrooms, Tree with puzzle birds, Oak tree with puzzle leaf and acorn, and Fir tree.

Forest Animal Trees with Puzzles
Forest Animal Trees with Puzzles

The puzzle parts that come with the trees are small – so beware with very young children!

You can see the exact measurements of all the pieces by following the links to each set – however some are small and some are largethe animals are sized appropriately and the pieces are perfectly balanced and sit or stand well.

Forest Animal Set Showing Size
Forest Animal Set Showing Size

We think the Forest Animals Set is a gorgeous group of beautifully crafted and hand painted animals that will quickly become a loved favourite in any space.

You can easily teach your child to recognise these animals and appreciate the gorgeous forest setting with “living” trees.

All these sets are 100% handmade in great colours and original designs!

Toy Farm Set
Toy Farm Set

Farm Animals Set

This set of farm animals would be a great addition to a play space and bring the life of the farm into your home.

The farm sets comes in two configurations – the Toy Farm Animals Set (above) with 13 farm animals, a Barn, and 2 trees with puzzle parts OR the Wooden Big Farm Playset (below) with 14 animals, a Flour Mill, a tree with bee puzzle and a puzzle apple tree.

You can buy the whole sets or separate elements of them.

The farm animals include the Horse, Donkey, Sheep, Piglet, Cow, Goose, Rooster, Cat, Dog, Duck, Mole, Mouse and Turkey and Chicken (big set).

Big Farm Set

There’s plenty of stories to tell about farm animals – your child will make up their own stories and make good friends with these gorgeous wooden animal toys.

African Safari Set
African Safari Set

African Safari Animals

All children love classic African Safari animals – who doesn’t love zebras and giraffes?

This beautifully detailed Safari Animal Set has 12 Safari animals and 4 trees with puzzle parts.

Safari animals are fantastic for imaginative play and they look so beautiful and unusual wherever you place them. Build a zoo or let the animals roam freely!

The African Safari Set includes Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Hippo, Rhino, Zebra, Crocodile, Turtle, Cobra, Camel and Gorilla, plus Tree with a parrot,  Tree with a monkey, Baobab and a Palm tree with coconuts.

The Safari animal trees are works of art on their own!

We love these Safari animals and trees and the set is bound to keep your child entertained for hours with zoo-keeping activities and safari play.

Big Sea Ocean Set
Big Sea Ocean Set

Big Sea Set Ocean Animals

Let your child explore the ocean world in a close-up and colourful way!

The brightly coloured Big Sea Set includes 12 popular sea animals and a gorgeous and colourful coral reef puzzle.

The set includes the reef puzzle, Whale, Orca, Shark, Dolphin, Octopus, Sea Turtle,  Starfish, Crab, Sea Snail, Seahorse, Jellyfish and Manta Ray – all painted by hand with amazing detail!

The Colourful Reef Puzzle
The Colourful Reef Puzzle

The beautiful reef puzzle is so colourful and creative, and all these sea creatures are very realistic and inspire curiosity about sea-life.

We love sea creatures and we love this set!

Arctic Animals Set
Arctic Animals Set

Arctic Animals

Complement the Ocean Animals with an amazing set of Arctic Animals – the mammals and birds that live by the ocean.

We don’t see many toys based around these creatures and they are beautifully realistic pieces that will be treasured for life.

The Arctic Animals Set is 11 pieces – Royal Penguin, Polar Bear, White Whale, Sea Parrot, Seal, Ringed Seal, Walrus, Sea Unicorn (Narwhal), Lynx, Arctic Fox and Snowy Owl.

Big Dinosaurs Set

Big Dinosaurs Set

All kids love dinosaurs! Transfer your child’s imagination back to prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth on the super-continents!

The Big Dinosaurs Set is very special, with beautifully made creatures and two incredible puzzles – an exploding volcano, and an ice-topped mountain.

The figures are quite large and very realistic – these make a fantastic set to teach your child about the dinosaurs through play and interactions.

There are 9 dinosaurs AND a Woolly Mammoth, plus the 2 mountain puzzles AND a prehistoric Fern included in this amazing set

The dinosaurs are T-Rex, Diplodocus, Triceratops, Protoceratops, Stegosaur, Ankylosaurus, Pterodactyl, Archaeopteryx and Ichthyosaurus.

Exploding Volcano
Exploding Volcano Puzzle

We really love the exploding volcano puzzle!  It is 10 inches or 25cm tall and can be purchased separately.

The big dinosaurs set is sure to inspire your child about the magic world of the dinosaurs and the dynamic environment in which they lived.

Birds Set
Birds Set

Birds Set

These beautiful wooden bird toys will help your child identify the birds of the world with 13 well-known bird varieties included.

Each bird is hand-painted with incredible detail and gorgeous colours and look just as fantastic on the shelf as works of art as they do on your child’s play table!

The colourful Bird Set includes the Eagle, Swan, Owl, Peacock, Flamingo, Ostrich, Pelican, Mandarin duck, Golden pheasant, Heron, Ara (Macaw), Toucan and Pigeon.

Woodland Trees Set
Woodland Trees Set

Woodland Tree Set

Give your animals and birds some green woodland with this unique, Waldorf-inspired set of 14 gorgeous wooden trees.

We really love the Woodland Tree Set and think they make a fantastic window-sill decoration when not being played with!

The beautiful shades of green and unique, abstract designs will fascinate your child and are perfect for sensory development and imaginative play.

Sunrise Stacker Puzzle

Waldorf – Inspired Wooden Toys

The creative team at Wooden Caterpillar make more than just wooden animals!

All their toys are Waldorf-inspired for natural learning, and they are just beautifully made objects that make a wonderful, unique and colourful addition to your home.

Do you use wooden animals in your play space?  We would love to know in the comments.


  1. WOW! These look really cool!! Even though I’m not a child, I actually want the Big Sea and the Arctic Animals Set. The craftsmanship on these toys are astounding!

    I really like that these toys are sustainable and have non-toxic paint–very useful for toddlers who will probably try and bite on these at some point lol. The fact that these toys are sustainable is awesome. There are so many plastic toys out there that are cool but given the plastic problem our planet is facing, these wooden toys by Wooden Caterpillar are a breath of fresh air for people and the environment. Definitely saving this for future gift ideas for parents.

    Thanks for sharing this Lindsay! I enjoyed this post very much!


  2. Ok, these have to be like the cutest toys ever and I need them all for my toddler. For some reason i’m really digging the tree set, like I could see him setting them up and driving his cars through them. You always have such great toys on your site, I’m so glad to have it bookmarked on my desktop. Thanks so much for sharing this, I need to go toy shopping now.

    • Hi Jen! That’s great you like the toy’s I’ve found – I have so many review to do! I really like the trees myself, the abstract design and colours – I think they would make a great decoration in the home, and they are really inspiring for kid’s to play with.

  3. What a blast from the past!
    I can remember wooden animal play sets being around when I was a kid.
    These look beautiful too.
    These could be given as gifts or used to decorate a kids room.
    Thanks for the memories!

    • Thanks Poppa, it’s nice that someone else remembers wooden toys from their childhood! They do look beautiful and would make a lovely heirloom gift. Cheers!

  4. What gorgeous critters! And what talent these people have! Wood wins hands down over plastic. With toys like these hopefully our young people will not be so keen on digital games. Absolutely love them. They remind me of wooden trucks and train sets from childhood. Thank you for keeping wooden toys alive and well. Cheers Jill

    • They are gorgeous aren’t they? I really hope to inspire people to look at naturally made toys and to encourage children to use their imaginations rather than being fixated to a screen – when I was a kid it was outdoors in nature unless it was raining and then we made our own entertainment! I had lots of wooden animals and they gave me hours of play time. Thanks for you comment!

  5. Hi Lindsay, thanks for sharing such amazing wooden toy products. They look really cute and warming. I’m not a kid, but they are attractive to me as well. Personally, i like most the Woodland Trees Set, which looks artistic. I think it would look awesome if setting one set in my desktop. Nice products!

    • Thanks for your comment Shaun – most adults seem to love the Woodland Trees, including me! I think they are beautiful and such great colours – all these wooden animal sets are very special and I hope lots of kids get to play with them!

  6. I remember the wooden toys as a child. Not only do I think they are safer but kids can learn with this earlier. I really like trees I thought they were really cool. I am going to show this article to niece ,since she has two young daughters. Thank you for the information.

    Best Wishes

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