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Haba Wooden Building Blocks
Haba Wooden Building Blocks
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Haba is a German toy manufacturer founded in 1938, and based in Bavaria.

Since they began, Haba have been known as makers of high-quality and innovative wooden toys – and the company motto is “Inventor for Inquisitve Minds” – how cool is that?

Haba make a huge range of wooden toys, including many types of wooden building blocks, but in this review we just want to introduce you to the fantastical world of Fantasy and Colourful City Building Blocks!

These gorgeous, brightly coloured blocks with funky shapes and designs are suitable for children from around 18 months old.

They are beautifully made from European beech wood from sustainable forestry, and the colours are applied using water-based, eco-friendly and solvent-free lacquers.

Multiple layers of lacquer make the surface super resistant to humidity, which in turn makes them naturally anti-bacterial.

The blocks are wonderfully smooth and safe for small hands! 

Although most of the blocks are quite large, be aware that some of the sets do have the odd smaller piece that you might want to remove before very small children start playing with them in earnest.

All the blocks in these sets fit together, so they can take over the floor of your play room or even the entire house!

Haba Mod Block

Building Blocks are Learning Toys

Wooden building blocks have been around for hundreds of years and are a classic, engaging, and educational activity for children of all ages – and adults love building with them too!

Building with blocks naturally teaches children concepts such as shape, colour, size, symmetry, and balance – and they expand on your child’s fine motor-skills. 

Playing with building blocks is open-ended – there really aren’t any rules – and these sets of Haba blocks are so colourful and unusual in design, they will be sure to enhance your child’s creativity and open up the world of fantasy and imagination!

Haba Fantasy Blocks
Haba Fantasy Blocks

Haba Fantasy Blocks

This beautiful set of 26 Haba Fantasy Blocks will fascinate children with their fantastical shapes, bright colours and optical effects.

They are perfect for building fantasy castles and make-believe structures.

Each block is an unconventional shape and they have amazing detail – the top quality design shines through here!  You could really count each of the 26 blocks as a toy in its own right.

Aside from each block being so colourful and unusual,  there are two “crystal” pyramids, blocks with child safe mirrors, blocks with peepholes, and even a block with a bell.

Each block fits with the others in creative, smart ways and they really spark creativity!

The Fantasy Blocks set are outstanding quality toys from Haba, and are sure to last for generations. 

Haba Sevilla
Haba Sevilla

Haba Sevilla Blocks

Haba’s wooden Sevilla Building Blocks are a wonderful, unique building blocks
set that will keep children busy with their imaginations!

They are designed to represent the famous architecture of Spain’s town of Seville –  and include 25 smooth, finely sanded beech wood pieces, finished with non-toxic, child-friendly paint.

These are bright, whimsical building blocks with lots of surprises –  a little jingling
bell, prisms, a magnfier, and peepholes all add to their fun and inspire curiosity.

Haba Mod Blocks

Haba Mod Blocks

There’s plenty of opportunity to build and build some more with the fantastic variety of colourful blocks in the Haba Mod Blocks set.

We’re truly impressed by the variety of unusual shapes provided in the one set here – and the quality and attention given to the colours and patterns really stands out.

With 21 blocks of all different shapes and sizes, the opportunity for creative building and opening up the imagination is amazing!

You can play with these all together, or make individual towers, or just play with singular blocks as they are so intriguing.

The Haba Mod Blocks set can be combined with any or all of the other sets and you can be sure that your child is going to love these!

Haba Cordoba
Haba Cordoba

Haba Cordoba Blocks

The whimsical designs, unexpected shapes, and vivid colours of Haba’s Cordoba blocks are inspired by the Spanish town of the same name, and show elements of the Moorish and Roman architecture for which it is famous!

The set of 16 intriguing blocks also feature interesting elements – bells, rattles, prisms, rattling pearl beads and fanciful shapes.

This gorgeous set of colourful Cordoba blocks will inspire creativity and they look fantastic in a play room too!

Haba Town Blocks
Haba Town Blocks

Haba Town Blocks

The Haba Town Blocks set is so versatile as many of the pieces are interchangeable – so a tree trunk can become a bridge, or the little car can become a truck or tractor!

This is a set of 25 brightly coloured and unusually shaped blocks that include lots of bits and pieces that can serve many purposes!

And when you’ve built a town, what’s better than having a car with driver to make use of the road?

We love how the blocks and pieces in the Haba Town Blocks set can be so many different things – and this amazing quality set will encourage hours of play time!

Haba Sakrada Blocks
Haba Sakrada Blocks

Haba Sakrada – Magic Mansion

The smallest of the building blocks sets, the Haba Sakrada set has 10 unusual, colourful pieces that include a tower and a block with a prism.

These are award-winning blocks and make a great starter set with their interesting shapes and versatility for stacking and building.

All the blocks are of the highest quality and built tough!

Haba Fantasy Blocks Set
Haba Fantasy Blocks Set

We love that the Haba Wooden Building Block sets are unique with their unusual shapes, bright and colourful designs, and the little suprises they come with too!

These blocks are versatile and almost endless in the opportunities they present for creating fantastic structures and towns.

They are sure to inspire hours of imaginative play and their high quality will ensure they stay in your family toy box for many generations to come.

We’d love to hear your comment on these blocks!


  1. How cool are these blocks? I’ve got a two year old who would love to play with these! I myself might actually like to play with these with her haha! I always played with blocks growing up and it would be great for my children to experience that as well.

    I’ve never heard of these blocks though. Thanks for bringing them to my attention! They’re quite mesmerizing!

    Awesome site too my the way! I love your logo!z

  2. WOW!! I just love these wooden building blocks from Haba. I must admit I had not heard of Haba before I read your article.

    The first thing that struck me was how colourful the blocks are and they seem like they are built to engage and fascinate children and even adults!

    My children are grown up, however, I know a few young children who would love these wooden blocks and you have solved my problem of what to buy them for their birthday!

    I think I might just have to show them how to play with these blocks! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh! I am so excited that I found this post! I used to be a preschool teacher and know how hard it can be to find quality products especially when it comes to blocks.

    What I really love is that they are eco-friendly and naturally anti-bacterial. This is especially good for the younger ages that like to put stuff in their mouths.

    I also really like that all of the blocks from the different set fit together. This makes the building possibilities endless!

    Building blocks are great for cognitive development and I highly recommend that every toddler has some. By the looks of it and the information gathered from your article, I would say that these blocks would be a great buy!

    Thank you for the great article!

  4. Wow, what a great site here for kids entertainment and fantasies.
    I am always eager to buy my kids some beautiful toys to play with but i lack a good knowledge on which one is good for what purpose but you have made that clear enough that i now understand a lot about toys unlike before, i would just buy randomly.

    You know these toys most at times we just look at them like ordinary toys that they are but the thing is they can help build our children professionally. Especially the Haba fantasy blocks and the Haba Sevilla can give a child building knowledge such that, the child can be playing and learning as well and before you know it, the child is a builder and if that is worked upon, the child can become an architect just from toys.

    That’s why i like toys and most of the time, when my child is playing with his toys, i will stay back and take a look at him. I might find something to develop you know.
    He might be creative though. Its good and fun you know.
    Anyway, thanks for such good posts like yours.
    Keep up the good work.

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