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Hape Construction Set
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If you have a little builder in your household keen to get going on a construction site, then the Playscapes wooden construction set made by Hape is a beautifully made, high quality set of building toys that are going to provide hours of pretend play.

Did you know that Hape is one of the world’s largest producer of toys made from sustainable materials?

Hape was founded in Germany by Peter Handstein, his sister Sabine and their friend Renate Gies in 1986 as Hape Kindergarten Supply.  Today they produce creative, eco-friendly, high quality toys with an ethos around sustainability, education, innovation and fun.

These award-winning toys are created using sustainable, natural materials and water-based paints.

The wood used in Hape toys is Baltic Birch, Maple or Rubberwood, and any plastic parts are created to be durable enough to last for generations – to encourage toys to be passed down rather than thrown away.

The Benefits of Building Construction Toys

The Playscapes collection from Hape is a set inspired by the benefits of construction for cognitive development.

These are real life construction toys for kids – to encourage building, which in turn boosts mathematical thinking, planning and reasoning.

Building can be an activity undertaken individually or in a team – pretend play with a companion enhances social skills like team-work and sharing!

Hape Crane Lift
Hape Crane Lift

Hape Crane Lift

The award-winning Hape Crane Lift is aimed at children aged 3 and over. It is a working, large wooden crane that stands at nearly 21 inches or 53cm tall.

All edges are smooth and Hape perform meticulous quality control – even drop testing and a bite force test!

The crane comes in 3 parts and has to be put together by an adult or older child using just 2 screws and a provided allen key.

Once the crane is set up, it’s very sturdy and you can tell this is a strong, durable toy that will take a lot of playtime.

Hape Crane and Vehicles

There are knobs at the front and back for raising and lowering the hook, and moving the pallet back and forth.

The crane itself pivots 360 degrees and has a cockpit big enough for a play figure (not included).

Also included are the pallet and 3 wooden blocks of “steel”, 2 wooden road cones, a warning sign, and 2 roadblocks.

Using the crane requires manual dexterity and fine motor skills, and provides the opportunity for endless hours of imaginative pretend building play.

This is a large sturdy crane, and kids will love it!

Hape Contruction Equipment Vehicles

The set of wooden construction equipment vehicles from Hape are large toys, and are built to be used – they are strong and durable!

The vehicles are recommended for children aged 3+ years, they are beautifully designed, and meet the highest safety standards.

All the vehicles are made from FSC certified wood and encourage creative play and storytelling.  There is room in the cabs of all the vehicles for play figures (not included).

Hape Steam N Roll
Hape Steam N Roll

Hape Steam N Roll

The Hape Steam N Roll is for flattening out your construction site and it really works – use it to flatten down the dirt ready for a building, or build a road!

This is a good sized vehicle at 10.2 inches (26cm) long x 6 inches (15cm) high x 5.6 inches (14cm) wide.  It is very strong and durable and makes a great addition to any construction site.

If you want to flatten some sand, the Steam N Roll will do it easily!

Hape Dumper Truck

Hape Dumper Truck

The Hape Dumper Truck will remove all the rubble away from your construction site –  load up blocks, sand or toys into the dumper, roll over to the dump site and unload!  Kids love doing this!

The dumper truck is about the same size as the Steam N Roll at 10.2 inches (26cm) x 5.7 inches (14.5cm) high x 6.6 inches (16.8cm) wide.

Everyone needs a dumper truck on their construction site and this one does the job brilliantly!

Hape Great Big Digger
Hape Great Big Digger

Hape Great Big Digger

The Hape Great Big Digger will do all the digging and scooping you need for construction.

The digger is large and durable enough to do some serious work at 10.5 inches (26.5cms) x 5.8 inches (14.7cm) tall  x 5.7 inches (14.5cm) wide.

The digger is great fun and the scoop is tough enough to carry sand, stones, blocks or any other material that needs scooping up for construction!

Hape Mix N Truck

Hape Mix N Truck

Hape Mix N Truck will lay the foundation for your building project – pour out the “concrete” and flatten it down with the Steam N Roll!

The Mixer is 9.2 inches (23cm) long x 6.5 inches (16.5cms) tall x 6 inches (15cm) wide and the bucket on the back spins fully around and tips out the contents.

Our only gripe about the bucket is that the hole is quite small and the contents can be difficult to remove – we think it would be better if the top was screwed on rather than fixed.

We don’t think the kids will really mind about this, and it is a beautifully made, top quality, and durable mixer that is lots of fun!

Hape Steam N Roll
Hape Steam N Roll Size
Hape Dumper
Hape Dumper Size
Hape Digger Size
Hape Mixer Size
Hape Mixer Size

We love that Hape design their toys with consideration to the environment, and that they are strong and durable enough to last.

Pretend construction play stimulates your child’s imagination and all children love to build – building with construction toys introduces engineering concepts and encourages problem solving and discovery along with improving fine motor skills – these toys are an investment in your child’s development.

What better way to build than with a construction site?

Do you use construction equipment toys with your children? We’d love to know in the comments.


  1. Wow! I am absolutely in love with this set and have to have it for my son! The pictures are great but I bet they don’t do it justice. I’ve always liked construction site toys and cranes and especially wooden toys because they have a long shelf life.

    Thanks so much for sharing and giving all the details on these toys, I’m going to get them for my son now!

    • It is an amazing set and a really good size to do some serious construction! The picture don’t so it justice, you’re right – I’m sure your son will just love playing with these! Thanks for your comment

  2. Hello Lindsay,
    I’ve never heard of Hape toys before, but like the sounds of them lasting for generations. It’s hard to find anything that last with my grandkids! LOL These toys sound durable enough even for them.
    I like the fact that playing with these can encourage them to think, use their minds, and teach mathematical ways of thinking, planning and reasoning. Sounds awesome!
    Thanks for sharing this! I may consider these for my grandsons birthday coming soon.


    • Hi Devara – yes these are a great set and very durable. It’s great to see the kids building and having fun wwith them and they are learning about engineering without even realising it!

  3. Hi Lindsay, TOYS!!!! Yea!!!! There is nothing better than sturdy, construction toys that promote imagination, problem solving, social interaction and cognitive development! These toys look very well built and colorful!! These look priceless!

  4. Hi Lindsay. I too had never heard of the Hape brand, but their construction toys look really awesome! I would love to get some of these toys for my nephew who loves to build things.

    I really love the quality and care you describe this company having. Thanks for introducing me to Hape. I am always looking for the educational, fun, good quality, safe toys for my niece and nephew, and I am happy to hear about these! Thank you for your post.

    • Thanks Jamie, it’s great to be able to introduce high quality toys to my readers. These construction toys are built to last too, they can take a lot of hard work!

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