Wooden Animals – Animal Playsets

April 8, 2019 Lindsay 11

It’s wonderful for children to play with beautiful objects and wooden toys not only look good, they feel great to touch and have an organic, peaceful quality to them.

Building Block Sets – Taksa Toys

March 28, 2019 Lindsay 8

The Taksa Toys range are a unique, amazing mix of building and educational pieces that we absolutely love for their simplicity and design concepts.  It’s fantastic that such a young company has created 3 completely different sets in such a short time!

Guidecraft Window Blocks

Window Blocks for Kids – Guidecraft Blocks

March 20, 2019 Lindsay 4

Window blocks are a real open-ended material for kids to play with.  By this we mean there are no rules to follow, no expectations, no specific problems to solve, and no pressure to produce a finished product. 

Kids Toys for Learning

March 7, 2019 Lindsay 2

Toys for learning are not only about fun, they also inspire kids to discover how things work, explore the world around then, and they put the foundations into place for the answers to all those endless questions about how the world works.