Wooden Toy Trucks – Fagus Trucks

April 16, 2019 Lindsay 6

Fagus is the Latin word for beech, and these wooden vehicles are expertly made with complex moving parts – they have real axles, can be hand steered, and each piece is interlocked and held together with doweling. No nails or screws – just wood!

Wooden Construction Toys – Hape Playscapes

April 5, 2019 Lindsay 8

The Playscapes collection from Hape is a set inspired by the benefits of construction for cognitive development.  These are real life construction toys for kids – to encourage building, which in turn boosts mathematical thinking, planning and reasoning.

Building Block Sets – Taksa Toys

March 28, 2019 Lindsay 8

The Taksa Toys range are a unique, amazing mix of building and educational pieces that we absolutely love for their simplicity and design concepts.  It’s fantastic that such a young company has created 3 completely different sets in such a short time!

Guidecraft Window Blocks

Window Blocks for Kids – Guidecraft Blocks

March 20, 2019 Lindsay 4

Window blocks are a real open-ended material for kids to play with.  By this we mean there are no rules to follow, no expectations, no specific problems to solve, and no pressure to produce a finished product. 

What to do with Kinetic Sand

March 10, 2019 Lindsay 10

We totally love Kinetic Sand! It feels amazing, it provides endless creative fun whilst stimulating your child’s imagination and developing manual dexterity – AND there’s NO MESS

Construction Equipment Toys

March 8, 2019 Lindsay 2

It’s great to see the enthusiasm that construction equipment toys bring to kids – we’ve seen ours play for hours building (and knocking down!). Building is a challenge and children learn what works by doing things for themselves and letting their imagination run free.